lundi 6 février 2012

CALL FOR ENTRIES - Unpublished work ?

- Get it published on BIB -

You're a photographer? -Professional or amateur -
You are Belgian or resident in Belgium?

You have a set sleeping in one of your many subfolder and an intense desire to know whether it is worth anything?

BIB offers to publish it!

It may be a fashion shoot, a portraits serie, a subject of examination, a crazy night time experiment, a porn try-out. Anything. We don't care as long as it takes us by the guts.

You can send your serial to:

Subject line: Unpublished for BIB

In your mail, we need the following information:

First name
Url of your site / blog / Tumblr ...
File photo (low resolution)
Serie Name and description of the photo serie in English.

If your project is interesting, we will contact you and publish the series with your credits.


It is imperative that the publication (serie) is of artistic and original interest and NOT only projects rejected by other media!

Photos must be sent in a zip file in low resolution.

If you use "We transfer" or other means of downloading, please provide us the link where pictures can be downloaded in your email.

If you used any models / extras, you must have their agreement prior to publication.

We accept no responsibility in case of dispute.

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