jeudi 23 février 2012


Hello dear fellows ! Today we arrrre going to talk about some grrrrreat electrrrrro pop music !
Why so many « rrrrr » ? Because we're travelling to Scotland for Django Django's first lp simply called « Django django ».
It means nothing, but it's catchy! Let's say that it's the same for their music!

Imagine a party where Franz Ferdinand (also scottish), Klaxons and Hot Chip would be dancing and screaming. What would they yell? I'm pretty sure it would be something like « Django django ».

Is it pop? Rock? Electro? Afro? Actually they haven't decided! And well, I'm not a huge fan of the bands that can choose, but time it's a blessing they didn’t!

It's like I had a burger with fish, chocolate and mustard in front of my face and I’m « huuum weird, should I try? » and after the first bite I'm telling myself « Thank God I tried ! »

So on the record, 12 tracks, and frankly almost everything is to keep ! Some titles more than the others (the awesome singles « Waveform » or « Hail bop »), most definitely when the band try an aerial electro pop. But I'm even more amazed when they add rockabilly to their personal mix ( « Default », « Love's dart », « Wor »).

The album should be out as you read these lines, so jump on it! Personally, I'm just waiting for the band to announce a European tour. And well, it smells good for the « Nuits du Botanique ». At least I hope!

Enjoy the band's first clip « Default »!

Text by Lionel Fays 

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