mardi 28 février 2012

R.I.P - BYPIECE OF CHIC ... This is maybe the end!

No it's not ... There is no death, only a change of style - R.I.P  //  Rest In Piece of chic!!!

Founded in 2010 by Barbara Repole and Sébastien Pescarollo, ByPieceofchic is a incredible team of fashion designers based in Brussels.

They design prints for fashion and their own collection. they play with colours, line, shape and pictures in order to create unique pattern design, developed as a sample. Each dress is unique because their are numbered collector piece totally Made in Belgium.

They created their third collection and it's just stunning. they put together skulls, bones and flowers, funeral wreaths and a rocking Virgin Mary.

BY Piece of Chic new collection is called " HIGHWAY TO HELL" and we love it.

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