mercredi 22 février 2012


The date is confirmed, on Monday, April 30th will bring out Norah Jones's new album "Little Broken Hearts", successor of " The fall " platinum disk.
On this fifth album, Norah Jones joined with Brian Burton which has already appealed to her for "ROME", magnificent project inspired by the spaghetti westerns, out in 2011 with Jack White and Danièle Luppi. The envy to work together continues and they decide to collaborate on the new opus of the singer " Little Broken Hearts ".
"Little Broken Hearts" is a new stage in fascinating artistic career of the singer. Norah Jones makes his first appearance ten years ago exactly, in February, 2002 with " Come Away With Mrs ". This voice, so singular is then revealed in the general public, a phenomenon was born. The album raises itself at the top 10 of Billboards and is sold to more than 25 million copies in the world.


1. Good Morning
2. Say Goodbye
3. Little Broken Hearts
4. She's 22
5. Take It Back
6. After The Fall
7. 4 Broken Hearts
8. Travelin' On
9. Out On The Road
10. Happy Pills
11. Miriam
12. All A Dream

*All songs written By Norah Jones & Brian Burton

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