lundi 6 février 2012

Dose of Music - Bed Rugs by Lionel.

For this discovery of the day, we don't need no plane, the train will do, because we stay in Belgium: direction Antwerp ! 
The purpose today is not to shop, it's all about music ! We move there for a fresh local new band that I discovered a few days ago and that I already love ! 

Bed rugs are four young folks who love smooth rock, americana and wide open spaces ! Their first single « What does it mean ? » can be heard on many flemish radio playlist these days and I hope they will soon be on the french speaking radios. Waiting for this moment, just enjoy their first video, or the acoustic that goes along ! 
On a bike or in a sofa, enjoy it anyway you want !

Text by Lionel fays.

Pictures by Nick Geboers

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