mercredi 1 février 2012

DOSE OF MUSIC - GROUPLOVE - Never trust a happy song

Love you forever...

Well today we're going to talk about love, a lot of love ! About the love of music, the love of pop more precisely, and about group love !

Beware, this review is not about gangbang, or maybe just a musical gangbang. We’ll stay quiet and clean today !

Because handfull of group love is clearly what Grouplove propose !

From their L.A. Hometown, this american quintet showers us with their positive attitude contained their excellent first LP « Never trust a happy song ».

The story of the band is quite simple. A leadsinger/guitarist and a leadsinger/keyboard meet 3 musicians while vacationing in Crete and they decide to form a band once back to the city of angels !

The result ? The perfect playlist for your next vacations, in 12 songs... more or less.

Why « more or less » ? Well because everything's not that perfect...The album clearly has some weaknesses, and is not all about hit singles ! Actually the only real problem is Hannah Hooper's singing. Where the nosy vocals from Christian Zucconi always aim right, Hannah's voice is almost never at the right place (« Slow » and « Spun » are clearly the sleepiest moments of the record).

But when the boss takes the lead back, the party is on again with loads of pop masterpieces somewhere between Mgmt, Kings of Leon or yet Foster the people ( « Itchin' on a photograph »,  « Tongue tied », « Lovely cup »).

We'll sure welcome Grouplove with arms wide open for our summer festivals, but before that we'll go and see them play this 13th of February at The Ab Club !

Make your own opinion of this great group with their new videos !

Warner Music

Text by Lionel Fays. 

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