mercredi 17 novembre 2010


Before Gaga, or even Madonna, there was a woman who played the strings of rumor and scandal against her own disco beat. But Amanda Lear, queen of the ’70S scene, still has plenty to say about bad biopics, deceitful lovers, cougar castings, and the peril of tributes. Here she speaks with her dear friend Riccardo Tisci about then and now

Photography Willy Vanderperre in collaboration Riccardo Tisci

Decades before pop’s reigning femme fatales Twittered their stardom into existence, disco queen Amanda Lear had the fame game figured out. Her past was a mystery—and a source of great intrigue. Her present spent in the limelight of European clubland and Italian television, on which she hosted a daytime talk show. Lear also basked in the glow of stellar record sales—15 million albums, 25 million singles, and such era-defining hits as “Follow Me,” “Queen of Chinatown,” and “Fashion Pack.” These days, things are calmer for disco’s most infamous blonde, and she’s quick to cite her early curfew and love of nature almost as badges of a reformed life. She recently spoke with her friend, the Givenchy designer Riccardo Tisci, about her transition from song to stage, and why weather girls are not to be trusted...

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