vendredi 26 novembre 2010


"OMSK ARMY" is a photo project by GIRLS FROM OMSK and photographer Ulrike Biets.

They worked together in fall 2010 to portrait an Army of highly appreciated people all wearing GIRLS FROM OMSK spring/summer 2011 collection.

They had the privilege of photographing such a variety of great OMSK soldiers as the singers Stijn, Els Pinoo from Viva la Fête and Bent Van Looy from Das Pop, electronic music bands Soldout and Vermin Twins, the Vice-president of Kipling Isabelle Cheron, bloggers Elisabeth Ouni and Geoffroy Gillieaux and Evelien Boulliart, the belgian skateboard champion!

"OMSK ARMY" is visible at K-NAL since the 13th of november of 2010 until the 11th of december 2010 during:
- Libertine Supersport every saturday,
- MIDI (From Monday till Friday, 12h - 14h)

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