vendredi 19 novembre 2010

Quartier Lointain by Sam Garbarski - Bozar

Quartier Lointain is an adaptation of a manga by Jirô Taniguchi, who, after just a few albums, has become one of the world's most respected authors in the genre. Thomas, in his fifties, returns by chance to the small town he spent his childhood in. Meditating alongside his mother's grave, he is seized by a strange malaise and finds himself thrust back into the past. He is once again a 14-year-old adolescent, but still with his adult experience and personality. He meets his classmates again, the girl he was secretly in love with, and, above all, his parents: his mother, so young and full of life at the time, and his father, who disappeared around that time and never turned up again. Thomas sets out to find out the real reasons for his father's departure. But will he be able to relive his past without changing it?

BOZAR - Quartier Lointain - Avant-première
by and in the presence of Sam Garbarski
Saturday 23.10.2010 18:00
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