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Duffy - The Making of 'Well, Well, Well'

Well, Well, Well' is released on Sunday 21st November. Pre-order from iTunes now.

Watch Exclusive Artist Direct Interview

While in The States recently Duffy took time to speak to for an in-depth video interview.

Click here now to watch the video and find out first hand about how Duffy approached her new record, her abiding love of Northern Soul and the singer that she never tires of listening to.

Did you have one cohesive vision for Endlessly from the get-go or did it come together piece by piece in the studio?

I think you have a vision when you create music, but it's like looking at a photograph. The closer you get to the photograph, the image changes. You have an intention, of course. I'm not going to say it was potluck. However, you're open to the creative process as well. You have to see how it goes. If I had to be honest with you and tell you what my intentions were, I really wanted something that was obviously me. It doesn't stray too far from what people knew me for—the songs, the voice and the arrangements. I wanted something further than that; I wanted a sonic crispness that allowed people to know we're in 2011.

Do you tend to read or watch movies while you're writing music? Where does your visual sensibility come from?

It's interesting that you pick up on that visual sensibility. I've been called, "Visual." It's quite difficult being a creative person when you're so visual. From the staging to the artwork, everything is visual. I think I work more in that way. I see the songs more than I hear them. It's quite profound. I can't quite understand it myself [Laughs]. I know I definitely enjoy using my imagination.

Do you enjoy delving into other visual art forms?

I do actually! Cinema is something that I'm quite amazed by. I love the thought of a director capturing something through his vision. I love cinematographers who have a nice charm or identity to their work. I don't know too much about it. I'm still very focused on music, but I am catching up on decades and decades that I missed. I go way back to the 1920s, and I've got a lot of work to do! Equally, I like to pick up movies that people suggest along the way. If I had to say what my favorite is, I really love Cinema Paradiso for those qualities—that visual bliss.

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