mardi 16 novembre 2010

Swatch - New Gent Collection

Back to the fashionable future with Swatch New Gent Collection.
Swiss fashion watch and jewellery maker SWATCH presents The Swatch New Gent Collection. Ten trendy models in understated, wintery colours introduce a new, much bigger Swatch watch inspired by the legendary Swatch Gent Originals. The original Gent watch head was 34mm wide; the New Gent Collection models are 41mm wide, and the height of the case and crystal combined has increased to 11mm. The much bigger format gives the designers more room to play: each model has a large, colourful plastic case with a generous, colour-coded dial, a day/date window at 3 o’clock and rugged, matt silicone straps in complementary monochrome colours. A contemporary restyling of the classic Gent Original, the Swatch New Gent Collection retains the renowned Swiss watchmaker’s signature use of trend-setting design, fashionable colours and rugged, sporty materials. The new collection takes the classic Swatch Gent—creative, inventive and full of stylish fun—and transforms it into a bigger, bolder, positively provocative statement. Designed for the active man or woman with an eye for the big new trends in accessories and art for the wrist.

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