mercredi 28 mars 2012

BIB supports Actionnaires #5- Tristesse Contemporaine : CONTEST

After a mysterious disappearance in July 2011, the band Tristesse Contemporaine is back with a new album!
They will play live during the Actionnaires party this Thursday March 29th at Mr Wong.

So naturally, we support them and have 3 cds to give away

To be the lucky winner of one of those, simply answer the following question and send an email to with the subject: Contest Actionnaires before Thursday 12am.

During which prestigious fashion show (presentation of the Fall / Winter 2012-13 collection) were two of the new track of the group played?

Attention, we need to know your name and surname.

For more information about the evening this is where you need to go:
Coming soon on Brussels is Burning : an exclusive interview of Tristesse Contemporaine.

Stay tuned!

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