mardi 27 mars 2012

Dose of music: Willow – We the young

Today I'm going to talk about a discovery I made and I'm very proud of. 
The band is called « Willow » and is simply the best Belgian band I heard  for a while !
I'm listening to tons of sounds every week, and well I often fall on some « great » bands. But to be honest, many of those great bands are already forgotten the next week.
But once in a while, there's  that one band I'm pretty sure I'll still be listening to months from that moment !  Jackpot !

So why is Willow that awesome ? Because firstly they don't sound « belgian ». Not that I don't like belgian sounds, but it's clearly often « too recognizable ». When I heard « We the young » for the first time I just told myself « My gosh what a splendid new british band » !
Seriously after now numerous listenings I can't stop myself thinking that these guys are some kind of « White Lies with guts ! ». And I'm fond of White Lies !

Sincerely the opening title « Gold », is what it says ! Golden ! Punchy, catchy, sunny, whatever, awesome ! And the big surprise, the rest of the LP is nearly as good.
And nearly as good is already way above 80% of the other bands releasings !
There are several real pop jewels on this record, so it would be a crime to forget mentionning « Weeping giants » , «We walk alone » or « Two children ».

My last words will be in french because I think it sounds so much better : Ces gars, c'est vraiment mon coup de coeur du moment !

Willow – We the young (Universal Music)

Text by Lionel Fays.
Picture by Anna Vanaerschot.

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