vendredi 23 mars 2012

A chacune son Brillant - Marc Lagrange & Delvaux!

Marc Lagrange portrays Delvaux fans for a great cause.
Delvaux  and Marc Lagrange, a famous belgian photographer have joined forces in aid for a wonderful project.

In fact, Lagrange will be portraying fans of the House of Delvaux with their Brillant bag: the most timeless icon in the Delvaux collection. Not common place portraits, but art photographs that will reflect the personalities of these ladies in Lagrange’s unique style.

Initially, Lagrange’s exclusive photographs will be exhibited in various Delvaux shops. It will be an opportunity for visitors to appreciate the new service ‘A chacune son Brillant’, where clients will have the chance to order their own bespoke Brillant bag. Clients will be offered a choice of 5 types of leather and two finishes. They will also be able to decide whether they would prefer the accessory in palladium or gold, how they would like their initials executed and in which size. A kind of tailor-made Brillant.

Eventually, the ‘Brillant’ portraits will be auctioned and the proceeds donated to the Mimi Foundation, which helps cancer patients maintain their dignity in order to help them fight the disease more effectively. This auction will take place during the gala dinner of the Mimi Foundation at the Arsenal, Delvaux’s Brussels studio, in September.

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