mercredi 7 mars 2012

Exhibition - Samuel François & Hell'O Monsters at Alice Gallery

Simultaneous exhibitions at Alice Gallery:

Open 4 Business' by Samuel François and Memento Mori' by Hell' O Monsters

08.03.2012 > 06.04.2012
Opening 08.03.2012 at 6PM

'Open for Business' by Samuel François

The work of Samuel François conveys a hidden beauty of everyday objects through a playful and surrealist vision.

Composed of random objects, his works give birth to unusual combinations that question our perception of these recomposed artworks.

His creations unveil a new nature; silently and skilfully creating a poetry of the absurd, that overwhelms our desire to 'put a name to a face'.

As a result, we are left on the edge between meaning and emotion, understanding and feeling the message of his work.

'Memento Mori' by Hell'O Monsters

In this gloomy context of global economic recession and the predicted Mayan end of the world, Hell'o Monster's collective offers a metaphysical and dream like sensorial getaway.

 "Memento Mori is Latin for 'Remember you will die'; it describes an artistic genre that shares the desire to remind humans of their vain terrestrial occupations and ultimate death."
4 , rue du pays de Liège
1000 Brussels Belgium

T +32 2 513 33 07
Wed - Sat 14.00 - 18.00
and by appointment

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