lundi 26 mars 2012

TEMP #1 - Bar.temp - Wednesday 28th March 2012

bar.temp is a pop up bar that aims to link art, network culture and people
taking place in the exhibition space of iMAL transformed into a cosy bar
for eclectic and curious people

workshop / video projection / web art corner/ specially curated playlists / electronic musi
c live

workshops#1: code and graph! The first workshop reverses this one-way communication and gives the possibility to express your own ideas and make a statement. Create your own stencil with the QR code generator and the laser-cutter of iMAL's FabLab. They provide the tools, bring your ideas!

An edgy look at society through the satirical, hilarious and often poetic artistic points of view. the video selection will blend animation film, fake advertising, recording of performance, music video…

All night long web show corner In the perspective of a critique on our utilisation of media and information tools, how do artists stand up for those questions?

Live : Depth Affect
melancholic ballads, heavy bass and a bit of eighties sound for a great idm live act!

Playlists: a colourful musical travel curated by

Pierre Deruisseau, specialist of afro-american music, will specialy compose a musical and time travel with powerful songs and voices politically engaged.

Vlek label - beats and love from the great Brussel’s label.

Debruit – well known for dropping beat in ethnic melodies, Debruit will send us a joyful capsule of funky music from his collection.

Limbick frequencies - a fantastic and eclectic webradio from downtempo to electronic music streamed 24h/24h from Wisconsin.

Creative food provided by Neptune restaurant, the already famous restaurent for local and bio products and natural wines.

Free entrance and friendly prices
Doors : 6pm
Workshop from 6 to 8pm
Live 9:30pm

Koolmijnenkaai 30 Quai des Charbonnages 
1080 Brussels.

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